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Perfect Fit the Ideal Door & Conservatory Blind

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Perfect Fit Conservatories & Doors

Obviously the whole concept of a Perfect Fit Blind is that you are able to implement your desired blind of choice; venetian, cellular or pleated, onto UPVC windows without the need to drill, hole or screw into the frame itself. This not only pacifies any questions relating to window guarantees but also means that any future changes to window treatment does not leave behind unsightly holes or scars.

However when it comes to the more specific applications of conservatories and doors the Perfect Fit System of providing shade and privacy solves underlying issues that have always presented themselves in the past.

Conservatory Blinds - the Perfect Fit Solution

Here the predicament has always been whatever type of standard blind chosen for the job in hand, restrictions dictate fitting has to take into account the numerous handle protrusions which means that blinds have to be fitted proud of the handles to allow for operation, this throw forward then carries down onto the window sill where the blind effectively encroaches into the overall available space within the conservatory. This is especially so with vertical blinds, although a single unit can cover a greater area and therefore attract lower cost they do not necessarily fulfil the overall aesthetic and practical requirements of every Customer. Whereas a venetian, cellular or pleated blind fitted within the Perfect Fit system, integrally to the frame and behind the window handle, provides the absolute solution to the Customer looking for a sharp, highly functional and unobtrusive effect within their Conservatory.

Door Blinds - Perfect Fit, solving the age old problem

Due to the nature of inward opening doors not having enough clearance space to prevent the fitted blind impacting onto the adjacent wall or fittings, it was not possible to include functional blinds in pretty well the majority of cases. But with the invent of the Perfect Fit System we are now able to provide shading solutions to the majority of UPVC double glazed door units without clearance problems.

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