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Perfect Fit Blinds - Beading Depth

Question Of Bead Depth & Bracket Size

Although we publish and ask Customers to choose from a minimum bead depth of 16mm up to a maximum of 30mm there are situations where it is possible to go down to 12 and as high as 34mm. However in order to achieve these limits we need to run the manufacture outside of the standard production line. This is not a problem of course however, especially with the minimum end of the range, fitting would require Customers filling the gape behind the frame with a self adhesive foam strip.

This is necessary due to the blind itself requiring room to operate behind the frame, in the case of venetian blinds at least 18mm is required for slat rotation, so an 18mm bracket will be automatically sent. On a window with an available 16mm bead depth the 2mm gape wlll require the foam accordingly.

So we are not declaring in this instance that Perfect Fit is not an option or even possible but would ask Customers to contact us prior to ordering so that we can take you through the requirements and expectations that you need to factor in.

Only exception to the above is Perfect Fit Shutter Lite where a minimum of 20mm bead depth is required to enable the shutter slats to rotate.