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Perfect Fit Blinds - Handle Clearance

Handle Clearance & Packers?

Generally the clearance required from window frame edge to hand base is 6mm, allowing the frame to lip and sit against the window section frame. This can be overcome by but depends very much on what we have to play with and the placement of any further window furniture and obstructions. Before proceeding if you find that the 6mm check does not exist with your window then please contact us as we may be able to adapt accordingly.

As far as the handle base itself is concerned should you come to fit your blind or offer the sample frame up to the handle in the first instance and find that the handle catches the frame when the handle base is too shallow, then this can be rectified in one of two ways. Either with a handle packing piece to increase the handle base height or, and this is by far our favoured and less fiddly solution to offer our Customers, by letting us know and will use a rebate plate in the frame side channel. Essentially it is a moulded flat piece that we can insert in the frame leg either at the time of manufacture or retrospectively send after you have received your complete blind and you can swap accordingly. Again it would be worthwhile contacting us should these amendments be required.

It is easier that we do not offer these solution as part of the initial online ordering system as it can prove to be an expensive mistake or confusion point to expect Customers to make a purchase judgement on. So whenever a window does not meet 'standard' application requirements it is better that we endeavour to help you prior to parting with your money. So please do not hesitate to ask.