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Perfect Fit Blinds - Operation

Perfect Fit Blinds Operation?

All Perfect Fit Blinds meet the legal requirements for child safety. Inherently the system is based on concealed cording and in the case of Roller and Day & Night blinds the chain is secured to the side channel with a tensioning device. Unlike standard blinds this device does not need to be screwed onto the adjoining wall or window frame.

With the Roller option we use the chain sidewind as standard with online ordering as sprung operation involves a lot of technical and on site adjustments that cannot be made in the factory. Therefore it goes away from being a simple fit product and experience tells us that it is problematic to expect Customers to undertake the responsibility. Chain operation however is extremely straight forward and also enables greater height adjustment control which is not possible with the sprung equivalent.

Venetian Perfect Fit has wand tilt operation with bar height adjustment control as does Cellular and Pleated versions.

Bottom Up & Multizone Operation

These operational options are only available with Cellular and Pleated products. Essentially 'bottom up' is achieved by simply rotating the frame and drawing the blind fabric upwards to close the blind. So any standard Cellular or Pleated Perfect Fit blind can be either, or by uncliping and turning the frame and blind within seconds. Multizone has a top and bottom drawing bar each with an operating tab. You will find that a small gap will be present at both top and bottom of the window and it assumes that the person drawing the blind to be able to reach both. But a small gap will still exist, that is a given as the extra tension required to make multizone operation possible produces this pull away effect. Please bear this in mind before multizone is chosen.